This system allows the connection between two main selectable stations and three secondary places, e.g. Wheelhouse or Flying Bridge, Forward, Afterward and Engine Room.
The system is composed by a central unit containing all the electronics for amplification and switching and by one or two control panels connected to the central unit by flat cables with connectors already mounted.
Every channel has independent tx/rx volume settings in order to optimize the listening levels in all the situations. The system uses an exponential waterproof horn of high quality and reliability as a bidirectional acoustic transducer.
On request, a dynamic microphone input is available on the control panel.
The installation of the system is made very quick and simple thanks to flat cables and plug in terminal strips.
The service also is made very easy and no tools and technical personnel are necessary to replace the central unit: this simple operation can be performed by the user himself.
The control panels. covered by a high intensity leds, visible in full sunlight, are suitable for outside mounting, e.g. on the flying bridge. A special power supply avoids changes in performance due to supply voltage variation.

Technical Info :

Input voltage: 220V ac one phase
Output voltage: 24V dc
Output Current: 40A
Dimentions: 300X78X160 (mm)
Weight: Kg. 2,2

Talk Back Separated Mic

Avionics Headset
Standard Headset
TBRC/N Panel
RCF Horn
Interface TN-171
Adaptator for talk back keyboard
Engine Room Station TBER/N

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