This device is especially intended to meet the requirement to correctly and automatically feed the boat battery banks and at the same time to ensure their longlife.

It has been realizedusing sophisticated switching techniques, so high power, very high reduction in dimension and weight, absence of noise have been reached.

The modularity of these devices makes easy to parallel modules of the same rated power in order to obtain higher output currents (multiples of 80A).

The units are protected against overload, shortcircuit and overtemperature.

With these devices is possible to feed the low voltage electrical plant with the battery banks disconnected (up to the maximum power capability of the unit/s) without causing problem to the electronic sets like VHF, RADAR, LORAN, Hi-Fi, TV ecc.

Technical Info :

Input voltage: 220V ac one phase
Output voltage: 24V dc
Output Current: 80A

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